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  • Jul 31, 2017: “Fresh Sushi”
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Dishes offered by EDO SUSHI and EDO FUSION ASIAN CUISINE restaurants give you an opportunity to enjoy the culinary art of the Far East, with a rich tradition of countries such as Japan, Thailand or China. You will learn the subtle flavors and sophisticated forms of food, resembling the beauty and harmony of this remote cultural and culinary world.

We provide everything you need to host all kinds of parties: the highest quality ingredients, original porcelain, tableware, catering equipment, furniture and transportation. Our specialists, dressed in kimonos, provide the best professional service for your guests. We approach the organization of events in a most professional manner ensuring that every detail is taken care of. Our work is our passion, which we continuously strive to develop and improve. 

We provide a wide range of catering services, starting from the menu that fits your needs through the delivery and organization of theme backgrounds for intimate receptions, conferences, events, banquets, fairs, openings and a variety of sporting events, even up to 500 people. Next to delicious sushi we offer other dishes from the Japanese cuisine as well as Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian dishes or grilled foods. Although we have fine-tuned food from the Far East to perfection, we are able to meet even the most demanding and unusual tastes and wishes. An unforgettable culinary experience during the catering supplies – beside traditional Asian dishes – an European accent in the form of finger foods. Shrimps in cream sauce, mini salmon tartar or fruit salad with plum wine are just examples of the creative solutions from our Chef, showing a perfect fusion of both worlds.

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